5 Online Businesses Idea To Start In 2019 – Work From Home

Online Businesses Idea To Start In 2019

We’re going to cover five different businesses that you can operate primarily online in this coming year. Now some of these are going to be businesses that are more home-based while others on this list are going to be that type of business where you can operate from anywhere in the world. You could be in Paris. You could be in Berlin, or you could be in Mexico City. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. You can make money through some of these businesses while like I said others might be a little bit more home-based. So let’s talk number five working without a number one not necessarily in any particular order but I think there will be something on this list for everyone.


5. Starting Your Own Subscription Box

This is something that I’ve seen really emerging in the past few years especially and that is by operating your own subscription box service. So just to give you a couple of examples of this Dollar Shave Club. This is not an advertisement for Dollar Shave Club but they have a very interesting business model where they have box subscription services where every month people who subscribe to Dollar Shave Club are going to get razors maybe some other shaving materials within a box. They’re going to get that in the mail every month or at least I believe that’s how it works. I don’t actually have Dollar Shave Club or you can look at Tai Lopez if you’re familiar with Tai Lopez. The mentor box that he’s always talking about this is where he’ll send you multiple books and different packets and papers every single month in the mail.  Then you can you know read through all these materials and gain a lot of knowledge through that subscription box of Mentor box. So what you can do here is find a niche that hasn’t really been tapped into. Then create your own box for this. Now there are a lot of boxes out there already but there are still plenty of areas where they haven’t really been fully tapped into. So, for example, you could think of anything maybe a coffee box where people get multiple bags of coffee every single month and get different coffee beans from different places in the world every month. I’m not going to lie it’s pretty fun to get something in the mail every month and you’re excited to see what it is you open it up. It’s different types of coffee or maybe its pet treats for your dog or there are so many possibilities – but I thought it’d be cool to included in this list. You can really expand this and think about so many different thousands of different ideas behind these subscription services but you can really squeeze a lot of money out of a customer. I shouldn’t say squeeze. It’s not bad but you can really get a lot of money out of because this is a monthly subscription and some of these people are going to have these subscriptions for years.


4. Starting a social media marketing agency


To come now the next one is something that you can primarily operate remotely online but sometimes you will have to actually mean with clients and that is by starting your own social media marketing agency or your own social media management firm.

So what you can do with this you can actually market people’s products with especially with Facebook advertising a lot of businesses. They just don’t know how to actually reach customers and generate liens. So you can do this yourself you can reach out to them. You can cold call them. You can email them but once you get some clients then you can actually do most of the work remotely so you can generate leads for them remotely and unless you’re doing some video production. You’re really in there talking them a lot. You can do a lot of this from your own home or even a couple of hundred miles away at sometimes like what I do because I went into my chiropractor last year got talking to him. He asked me how to market his products and then ended up generating leads for him. Actually getting a contract with him and generating leads for him just by talking to him and having a small talk that ended up into an actual business opportunity which is how I ended up starting OBR media. So if you don’t want to start a marketing agency you could just manage social media pages for other businesses who might want some help growing their pages or maybe they’re not able to post a lot of pictures all the time not able to respond to comments and concerns of customers through their Facebook page or their Instagram or their YouTube channel. So you can do that for them as well and manage those pages for them for a certain amount of money per month.


3. Start your own clothing brand

This is something that a lot of people find themselves falling in and there’s a big reason for that so we’re going to get into in just a second here. But it seems as though everybody and their brothers trying to start their own clothing brand. That’s because people really overestimate the desire for somebody’s brand who nobody really gives a crap about because it doesn’t mean anything to them but if you can operate this and you can grow this at the right level that’s when you can really see a lot of success. So, for example, you could look something like supreme or bathing ape or some of these different brands. That will sell 500 dollars for a single t-shirt and they kind of scratch ahead and wonder how this is possible these pee well did some serious branding. It’s working very well for them somebody like Brett Conti just some guy from New York who ended up starting fortune New York and has a very successful clothing brand. The reason for that is because they focused on one specific target market and we’ve talked about this in the past but if you want to start a clothing brand you can do it. You can succeed in many people do succeed in starting their own clothing brands but you have to focus on one specific target market. So maybe that’s going to be college fraternity guys or maybe that’s going to be people who love boats or maybe it’s going to be people who own Chihuahuas. So somebody very specific that you can market your products to and that’s how you can create a very successful clothing brand. Then maybe after time, you can branch out but you want to have a much-focused audience at first with a clothing brand. The reason why we’re putting it on this list is because nowadays now that we’re in 2018 a lot of these different clothing brands can be operated almost entirely online. So you can actually dropship these products which means that you cannot have to physically make the t-shirts. You can get somebody else to make the clothing for you and then they ship it out for you. You just operate your own website baby. You can do this through something like Shopify or Teespring and you can do this entirely remotely from anywhere in the world.


2. Digitalize Home videos

Number two is something that I never have talked about on this channel. To be honest with you that’s because I really still am considering this as a business idea for myself. However, I think I’m just going to throw it out here for everyone just to enjoy and maybe you won’t agree with it. Maybe I’ll think it’s a stupid idea but it’s something that I’ve never really heard anybody talking about. I want to share with you to maybe give somebody at least one person who’s reading this article some idea that they might want to run with in the future. So there’s kind of a back story behind this but essentially what you can do is convert old VHS tapes and old family videos into a digital format. So a lot of people have these old family videos from the 90s and the early 2000s on these old tapes. They want to preserve these they want to keep these. They want to watch them on the laptop instead of having to pull out the old VHS player and which they probably don’t even have. So they want to be able to watch these videos and my dad actually called me up last year he said hey male I’m trying to convert these videos. I went down to CBS or he went down to the camera store and they said that’ll be $35 per tape for 40 tapes that are over a thousand dollars to convert these tapes. He was just absolutely taken aback by this price and when I heard that price I thought my god but wait a minute how hard is it actually do this. So I looked into it. It’s not hard to convert these tapes you just need an old VHS player a converter a laptop not many materials are involved in order to do this. So you can actually operate this business and this is pretty theoretical I do know that there are businesses out there who do this. However, I never looked into it too much but I thought I would include it in this list because it’s something interesting where you can actually market this service to people through Facebook advertising through advertising on Google. Then you can market these products to people maybe baby boomers maybe people who are getting older. They have these old tapes of their kids. They want to watch those tapes but they can’t because they don’t have a VHS player you can market to them. Then they can send you their tapes and you can convert them or you can find some other ways to do this but I just thought it’s very interesting not included in this list now.


1. Affiliate Marketing


There’s one more on this list that you can do from anywhere in the world. It’s not necessarily a home-based business. You can do this from quite literally anywhere as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection and that is by starting your own affiliate marketing business. If you’re familiar with John Kriss Tommy he’s generated over five million dollars per year in affiliate revenues. He’s pretty famous within the affiliate marketing realm. I’m actually enough on this channel to discuss with you guys how he’s actually able to do this and generate millions of dollars per year by marketing people’s products for them. So that’s what affiliate marketing is you’re marketing products for people. You can do this through your own product reviews. You can even make YouTube videos and review products or you can do this through paid advertising which is a lot of what he did through Clickbank. He did a lot of paid advertising and he marketed a lot of other people’s products and made a lot of money from them. So we’re going to have on this at some point in the future in order to discuss that but that wraps up this article five different business ideas that you can operate from your home or some of these from anywhere in the world in order to make some money in this coming year.


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