Auto Backlinks Builder: Backlinks Machine V2 – Review


Ranking your sites can be very difficult. To get a high position, you need to create the right content, add images, videos, and then create 100s of backlinks. Everyone has to do these tasks to succeed.

But there is a problem here. Building BACKLINKS is the hardest and tedious part of ranking your sites. You need to contact 100s of site owners to do guest posts and get them to post backlinks.

That has led tо the emergence of tооls and sоftware that help marketers boost ranking withоut wasting sо much mоney and time. It is prоven that using backlinks can definitely imprоve yоur rankings оn the search engine. But creating backlinks is tоо tediоus and time-cоnsuming fоr us tо dо it manually. Sо what is the sоlutiоn?


What is WP Backlink Machine 2.0?

WP Backlink Machine 2.0 is a WordPress plug-in which works as a backlink builder for your sites. It automatically builds backlinks to any new post in your WP site and builds even 50 backlinks to a new post in just 1 Click, all links delivered within two days.

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WP Backlink Machine 2.0 Software Features:

  • Use on all of your Blogs, Unlimited Sites

Get the Unlimited Sites License for a little worth nowadays & you’ll be able to install this plugin on unlimited sites that you just in person own. The 2000 backlinks you get is unfolding across all of your sites & you’ll be able to add a lot of any time you wish, it is simply 1-click straightforward.

  • Get Higher Rankings simply

All the highest sites that rank within the top five positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing have one issue in common… plenty of backlinks. Having 2000 backlinks is evidenced to rank your website higher and that’s what you get with our package & you’ll be able to add a lot of backlinks too.


  • Automatic Updates to the Plugin, No must install over & all over again.

We are visiting keep change this plugin often, we have a tendency to are receptive concepts and new feature suggestions to stay them coming back. each update is going to be unrolled and your plugin is mechanically updated in exactly One Click.


  • totally Autopilot – No Manual Work

When you build a brand new WordPress post, you’ll be able to instantly produce twenty or fifty or perhaps one hundred backlinks thereto while not doing any manual work, no further steps and zip else to try to to. that’s the facility of Automation that


  • transfer elaborated Reports With Complete List of all of your Backlinks

Once your backlinks are created, a report is instantly obtainable within your LOGS section that you just will read and save to your laptop. This report has all the backlinks that were created for your website and you’ll be able to track them


Using Backlink Machine is as Easy as 3 Steps


  1. Click the “Get Backlinks” Button next to the blog post you want to build backlinks to

Backlink Machine Stepq

  1. Enter The Keywords you want to use for the backlinks & select how many backlinks you want…
  2. Push “One Button” & You are Done

Backlink Machine Step 2

Our minions will go out & build your backlinks in the next 24-48hrs and give you a report back with all the details.


WP Backlink Machine 2.0 Software Perfect For:

  • Anyone needs higher Google rankings

Indeed, after you have a hundred articles ranking on google rather than simply ten, you get plenty a lot of traffic to your web site. It implies that you’ll get more cash from your web site


  • Anyone needs a lot of traffic

SEO traffic is the best reasonably free traffic and here you get the simplest free traffic supply.


  • Anyone needs 100s of articles stratified

Backlinks will skyrocket the visibility of your content and take your web site to the highest ranks. currently, you’ll save time to induce the simplest results ever.


  • Anyone needs to avoid wasting price and time on SEO

SEO specialists offer several prices, and even the worth will go up to many bucks every month. If you would like to dump it and eliminate worry about outsourcers, this straightforward software system will facilitate yours.


  • Anyone runs WordPress web site

It is vital plugin for each WordPress web site. you’ll alter ninetieth of the work victimization straightforward software system.


  • Bloggers, Writers, and Podcasters

You will get a lot of traffic and reach a much bigger audience during a quick means.


Backlink Machine v2 Review – Evaluation

  • Build backlinks to any or all your posts with the push of a button.
  • Define any range of anchor text for your links.
  • Select niche/category for your link sources.
  • Automatically add internal links to keywords.
  • Get SEO Score for each blog post
  • A complete backlink report in 48hrs.
  • Drip Feed backlinks over some days.
  • Automatic indexing of all of your backlinks.
  • A new post and obtain twenty or fifty backlinks in 48hrs.
  • No manual work needed in the least
  • Build Backlinks for Unlimited WordPress Sites.


OTO1 pro Version options

  • All the options of the front end pack
  • Access to the web SaaS Platform
  • Build backlinks to any sites from one interface.
  • 10 differing types of backlinks.
  • Backlinks from Targeted content sources.
  • Keyword ideas for backlinks in 1-Click.
  • Automatic SEO Score + optimization Tips
  • 3000 BONUS backlink credits
  • Backlinks for Youtube videos.
  • Export backlink report back to PDF.
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Daily automated backlink campaigns